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Ethernautics, Inc. – Michael Meissner: Software Testing QA and Configuration Management

Banner--Ethernautics-ArchEthernautics Inc. announces Michael W. Meissner to lead Ethernautics, Inc. Quality Assurance, Test Automation and Configuration Management Practice

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Michael W. Meissner is a highly experienced Solutions Architect at Ethernautics, Inc. having performed in various roles throughout my career, executing multiple projects across the Information Technology and Management Domain from inception to delivery through operations and ongoing maintenance. Mr. Meissner possesses experience in Information System Management Technologies incorporating strong technical credentials with exposure in all phases of systems and network design; development, deployment and management, tempered with excellent general business skills. His talents come from years of experience working for international industry giants including: IBM, Schlumberger, AT&T, Bellcore, Telcordia, TCI, Qwest, Comcast, One Communications, France Telecom, Time Warner, TECO Energy, US Cellular, Nokia, Deutsche Telekom, Urenco, Computer Sciences Corporation, US Army and US Government.

Having an engineering background Meissner has strong skills in requirements analysis and software development which has built a strong foundation to lead test organization. Meissner has not only worked on many projects as a…

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