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Ethernautics, Inc – Michael W. Meissner: Cyber Security Infrastructure Architect / Digital Engineer

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Michael W Meissner – Cyber Security Infrastructure Architect and Engineer.

Mike Meissner

Michael W Meissner – Cyber Security Infrastructure Architect – Engineer

Michael W. Meissner leads Ethernautics, Inc.’s Cyber Security Practice. Mr. Meissner has over 30 years of IT, Engineering and Management experience. Throughout his career he has provided exceptional client service and communication skills with a demonstrated ability to develop and maintain outstanding client relationships.

Mr. Meissner is a highly motivated Cyber Security Program Manager and Cyber Security Engineer and depth of skills underlined by experience managing programs and projects.

Highly organized, results-oriented and attentive to details. Self-motivated, proactive, independent and responsive. Requires little supervisory attention. Excellent presentation, facilitation and diplomacy skills

Meissner has executed end to end program management and project management of large and/or multiple large projects. Mr. Meissner has managed projects from a few individuals to teams of over 100 individuals and vendors.

Mr. Meissner designs and implements all facets of cyber security projects, programmatic and technical detail management to ensure deliverables are met within schedule, budget, and quality goals. He is able to express a clear understanding of the business, operational and human impact of technology and the Cyber Security threats they expose.

Mr. Meissner has many years of experience working in a complex, multi tasking type environments.

Meissner has successfully managed Cyber Security and Information Security projects across multiple domains IT and Non-IT from software/systems to Critical Infrastructure construction efforts.

Meissner has good understanding of the following security domains:

Audit and Monitoring, Risk Response & Recovery, Cryptography, Data Communications, Computer Operations Security, Telecommunications & Network Security, Security Architecture & Models.

Demonstrated track record assisting clients with identifying and assessing information system related risks and defining best practices as a trusted adviser.

Hands-on experience with information security standards and technology

Experience with security strategies and/or security architecture.

Expertise in IT policy and procedure development.

Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to adapt information delivery based on the target audience.
Ability to work in a fast paced, highly visible, changing environment.
Proven ability at building working relationships with partners, peers, and senior Management.
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
Ability to multitask and manage multiple topics and demands concurrently.
Working knowledge of IT processes (i.e., ITIL) including incident, problem, defect, change and release management.

Meissner has executed projects thru their complete life-cycles (SDLC)

  • Cyber Security Project/Program Management implementing Cyber Security Programs in Critical National Infrastructure Projects.
  • Perform security architecture assessments.
  • Systems Architect/Cyber Security Digital Systems Engineer implementing 10CFR73.54 NIST – Cyber Security Framework for Critical Infrastructure (Nuclear Power Stations, Water Stations, Telecommunications).
  • Cyber Security Engineering providing Cyber Security Design and build of network and application security and authorization for plant control and reporting systems.
  • Cyber Security Engineering – Critical Digital Asset Assessments, Vulnerability Threat Mitigation, Design and Deploy IT and Plant Control Infrastructure (ICS) thru the modification process to support Cyber Security in an Industrial Environments.
  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation,
  • Asset Management throughout the System Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Today’s Systems are heterogeneous and share many attributes. Meissner has designed and implemented Cyber Security Architectures for the following systems:
    • Voice (CUCM)
    • Data – Classified and Unclassified
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Public Address
    • Mobile Telecom, Radio (DAS), Push-to-Talk
    • Electronic Safety and Security (ESS)
      • Fire
      • Electronic Security and Surveillance
      • Infrastructure Security
    • Plant Control System (PCS)
      • Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
      • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
      • Supevisory Control and Data Aquitision Systems (SCADA)
    • Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management

    • Program Management and Project Management
      • Liaise across organization with implementation and roll-out of Cyber Security Program
      • Implementation of Cyber Security Program
      • Program Management
      • Project Management
      • Risk Assessment and Management
      • Asset Management
      • Resource Management
      • Incident Management
      • Security Audits
        • Accordance with industry standards such as NIST, ISO, COBIT, etc.
        • Privacy & Data Protection audits
      • Vendor Management
      • Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) – Physical Security Systems and Life Safety Systems
    • Cyber Security Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices
      • Implementation of NIST – Cyber Security Framework for Critical Infrastructure
      • Implementing 10CFR73.54 – The Cyber Security Rule
      • ISO/IEC 27001 compliance
      • COBIT
      • COSO
      • ITIL – including incident, problem, defect, change and release management
      • Research emerging technologies in support of cyber security enhancement and development efforts
      • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Policies and Procedures development – Formalizing and updating security policies, procedures and technical standards; auditing/monitoring compliance with those standards; developing technical checks to verify compliance with technical controls
      • General Cyber Security Program and Policy Initiatives
      • Control of Portable Media
      • Control of Portable Processing Devices
      • Digital Asset Determination
      • Engineering and Design
      • Operations
      • Procure and Supply Chain
    • Configuration Management
    • Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security Engineering

    • Cyber Security Architectures (PCI, NIST, ISO, Defense in Depth, etc.)

Defense in Depth - Target

    • Business and Regulatory Requirements
    • System analysis using multiple technologies in heterogeneous architectures and wide system functionality
    • Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) – Physical Security Systems and Life Safety Systems
    • Critical Digital Asset Determination
    • Analyzes network security design
    • Risk Assessment and Management
      • Work with clients in identifying and assessing information system related risks related to cyber security.
      • Creating strategies related to cyber security risk management.
    • Plans and Conducts Vulnerability Assessments
      • Created and tuned vulnerability scan groups and configurations.
    • Identification of attack vulnerabilities (OWASP) and (ISO/IEC 15408-1:2009)
    • Evaluation of system security configurations
    • Development and evaluation of attack scenarios
    • Evaluates findings and conducts root cause analysis
    • Conduct Penetration Testing, Routine Exploit Analysis, Systems Monitoring.
    • Cyber Security Controls Catalog
    • Remediation and Mitigation

Design & Systems Engineering

    • Network Security Design (LAN/WAN)
    • Application Security Design
    • Data Security
    • Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) – Physical Security Systems and Life Safety Systems
    • Secure Wireless
      • Radio Encryption
      • Data
      • Voice (Push-to-Talk)
    • Integrates security technical controls for multiple projects/products with defined requirements
    • Design test plans to evaluate control objectives and identify weaknesses in the information technology control structure.
    • Security Operation Centers (SOC), Network Operation Centers (NOC), Data Centers, Telecom Equipment Rooms,
    • Engineering Drawings – (T-EQP, T-PHY, T-PHY)
    • Identity Access Management and Authorization
    • Plant Control Systems (PCS, ICS) and SCADA Systems in Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical Processing and Water Treatment/Distribution Critical Infrastructure
    • Design overall Defense-In-Depth Architecture for plant systems (NIST Cyber Security Framework and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance COBIT, COSO).
    • Supporting Infrastructures (Telcom, Power, HVAC, Data Center, Closets, DAS, Distribution Systems)
    • Outside Plant (OSP)
    • Secure Structured Cabling
    • Defines security product specifications
    • Define intrusion/data loss techniques.
    • Designs, integrates and configures controls.
    • Responsible for implementing and tuning the technical solution used to identify and manage the configurations and controls
    • Patch management- Satellite, SCCM, WSUS, Shavlik, Secunia, LANDesk

Build – Implementation

    • Network Security Deployment of network and application security and authorization for plant control and reporting systems.
    • Firewalls
    • Data Diodes
    • DMZ’s
    • Encryption
    • IAM
    • SIEMS
    • IDS/IPS


    • Security Operation Center (SOC, Alarm Stations)
    • Cyber Security Monitoring
    • Network Security Monitoring
    • Incident Detection
    • Contributes to the development and evaluation of attack scenarios
    • Evaluates findings and conducts root cause analysis
    • Performs incident response activities across broad technology profiles or multiple systems
    • Interrogates industry sources and evaluates incident indicators.
    • Collects and preserves evidence, identifies intrusion or incident path and method
    • Determines nature, mechanisms, scope and location of the incident.
    • Drafts incident/investigation reports and makes recommendation for future process enhancements. Prepares and delivers technical reports and briefings
    • Deployment of network and application security and authorization for plant control and reporting systems.
    • Monitors network and host-based security alerting systems and event logs.
      Performs initial event/loss assessment and validation.

IT cyber security detection and prevention tools – Right tools for the job:

Experience using

    • Network Monitoring – SolarWinds
    • Vulnerability Scanners – Nessus, Retina, Qualsys, Foundstone, Nexpose
    • SIEM – Splunk, IBM QRadar
    • IDS / IPS – Sourcefire, Cisco IPS 4200, IntruShield
    • Password Management – Thycotic
    • Defense in Depth Architecture and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
    • Incident Management and Forensics – Netwitness
    • RSA Security Analytics, Archer, SecOps,
    • PKI – Public Key Infrastructure
    • Websense
    • Firewalls – Cisco, PaloAlto Networks, Checkpoint
    • Data Diodes – Canary, Waterfall
    • Checkpoint Load Balancer
    • Remedy Networking

Regulatory Requirements and Best Practices

    • Understanding of ISO27001, ITIL, NIST, other security frameworks.
    • Safe Guards (10 CFR 73.51)
    • Cyber Security Training and Awareness

Reference Projects:

Michael W. Meissner with Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through EdgeRock to California Water Services Group (CWS) for Cyber Security Program Development, SCADA Network Security, Vulnerability Mitigation for protection of Critical Assets in Water Treatment/Distribution Plants. (2015) (Click Here)

Michael W. Meissner with Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through Areva, NP to South Texas Project (STP) for program implementation of 10CF73.54 Protection of Critical Assets in Nuclear Power Plants. (2012-2015) (Click Here)

Michael W. Meissner with Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through CSC to Urenco-USA/(LES) for program implementation and protection of Critical Assets in Nuclear Enrichment Facilities.(2007-2012) (Click Here)

Michael W. Meissner with Information Mechanics, Inc. contracted by Telecommunication Corporation Inc. (TCI) for development of Secure Encrypted communications to Digital Set Top Boxes (Click Here) – Addressability Systems: US Patent Number #6070001 (Click Here)

Published Work:

Ethernautics, Inc. – Michael W Meissner: Cyber Security Database Threats ( Click Here)
Glossary of Terms – Cyber Security At Nuclear Power Plants ( Click Here )
Secure Encrypted communications to Digital Set Top Boxes (Click Here) – Addressability Systems: US Patent Number #6070001 (Click Here )
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