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Ethernautics, Inc. – Meissner Project Telcordia

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Telcordia BSS – OSS Market Analysis

Mr Meissner’s Skills and Experience
Mr. Meissner is a Solutions Architect at Ethernautics, Inc. And has broad experienced in developing customer centric solutions in the OSSBSS domains.

Excellent understanding of OSSBSS Architectures, Technologies and processes

Strong experience of business analysis and business process definition

Strong Professional Services background and outstanding end to end experience in System Integration of OSSBSS and more generally IT systems

Strong experience in Telecommunications Process Frameworks (TMF eTOM) and IT Process Frameworks (ITIL)


Meissner maintains extensive experience across eTOM and TAM.

He has designed, developed and deployed applications in the following eTOM/TAM Domains:

  • Customer Care and Subscriber Management
  • Order Processing and Order Fullfillment
  • Product Catalog
  • Service Provisioning
  • Asset Management and Inventory
  • Outside Plant
  • Work Order Routing and Scheduling – Work Force Management

Strong experience in Standard IT Architectures and Frameworks

Meissner has in depth and broad experience across the (SDLC).


Michael W. Meissner has years of in depth experience across multiple “stove pipes” within the SDLC a recipe for excellence in IT Architecture.

Strong experience in IT and Telecommunication standards

Experience  with the following Business Support Systems or Billing Systems (BSS):

  • Cable Services Group (CSG)
  • Amdocs
  • CableData
  • Kana

Experience with the following Operational Support Systems (OSS)

IBM SCCD, BPM, Lotus Websphere, COGNOS, Blueworks.

TOGAF, ITIL or eTOM certifications


Identify, innovate and help drive the road map in liaison with the strategy, product and service departments.

Provide the principles and process around the BSS solution in terms of Change Management, Business Management, Data – Service Management.

Provide technical architecture consultancy and leadership to projects and customers as required and ensure the coherency of end-to-end designs.

Identify BSS solution opportunities for the implementation of technical improvements that add value to the business through achievement of ‘better, faster, cheaper’ processes, based on current and future requirements.

To anticipate internal and external business challenges and to be proactive with recommending new technical requirements or improvements to existing projects.

To keep up to date with future product vision and translate desired capabilities/modifications to the technology stack, and to help lead strategy and innovation.

Liaise with IT systems team as part of platform and capacity planning requirements.

Ethernautics, Inc.

Title: Solutions Architect

Client Name: Telcordia, US Cellular Dates: 08/2007-08/2008

Location: Morristown, New Jersey – New York, New York  – Chicago, Illinois

  • Managed several teams on different assignments in parallel
  • Managed the relation with clients : CTO, Vice Presidents (IT, Network) and their direct reports
  • Thought leadership in developing Telcordia Cyber Security offerings. Developed road map for business transformation from industry standard legacy systems leading clients to frame future state ERP systems, integrating OSS Inventory Management Systems, BSS Systems, Supply Chain Management, Asset Management and Work Force systems to a thought leadership position.
  • Developed several strategies related to IT and Technology including: NGOSS Strategy, RFI/RFP development for the selection of an IT solution / vendor for the launch of a new services and organization optimization
  • Developed thought leadership at Telcordia in integration virtualization/cloud strategy to implement Shared Information/Data Model (SID), utilizing Telecordia’s Common Language (HECI, CLEI, CLLI) and LERG, with SAP’s MDM, and Oracle ERP, particularly associated with Network Inventory, CPE and Spare Parts, Supply Chain Management and Asset Management, converging complete flow through of traditional ERP into the eTOM model
  • Designed extensions for Telecordia’s FORCE system to include virtualization of truck inventory. Integrate Forward and Reverse Logistics, Demand Planning, Vendor Sourcing etc.
  • OSS Competitive Analysis of market leading OSS Vendors ; TIRKS, Granite, MetaSolv, Cramer, and NetCracker
  • Developed the OSS/ERP pole (IT and Network) at Telcordia
  • Developed technology strategies (e.g. : integrated broadband, green field launches, LTE and spectrum strategies, technology road maps, OSS /BSS integration)
  • Developed cutting edge platform for the implementation of technology synergies across operating companies
  • Managed the relation with clients : CTO, Vice Presidents (IT, Network) and all their direct reports
  • Developed the Network and IT Portfolios by providing strategic and high impact recommendations
  • Developed new business opportunities with several accounts in North America
  • Assist the client to develop understanding of and frame their future state EA regarding service creation tools and how they integrate with the OSS/BSS’s. Assess the work by the standards groups (TMForum, ITU) and the industry in general, into the design of the Next Generation Networks, IMS, Service Delivery Platforms, and SCIMs etc.
  • Provided thought leadership in architecting the OSS/BSS in an SOA framework to enable emergent technologies
  • Provided thought leadership in monetizing the next generation networks and services
  • Reviewed and documented, CRM, Business Intelligence (work flow), Supply Chain, Customer Self Care, eBilling planning, and POS systems
  • Assisted the client in assembly of a variety of service creation tools to enhance the customer experience when ordering Telco related products
  • Architecting road map of utilizing core technology components (integration rating/billing, mediation, product catalog and CRM) to deploy services more rapidly
  • Mapped tactical plans to implement emergent architectures in the clients IT ecosystem to help them structure their road map to their future state architecture
  • Developed strategies for the implementation of an entire IT architecture for the integration of Fixed Services (telephony, TV, internet and data – triple and quadruple play offers) on top of mobile existing infrastructure. Both for Consumer and Enterprise markets



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