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Ethernautics, Inc. – Michael W Meissner: Solutions Architect and Infrastructure Architect

Banner-Michael-W-Meissner-Enterprise-Architect Mr. Meissner is both a Solutions Architect and Infrastructure Architect and has lead development and application of infrastructure architectures, frameworks and Solutions road-maps for a specific technical, application, infrastructure “area of interest”, that support Strategic IT and business goals of the organization.



Mr. Meissner is a highly skilled Solutions Architect skills are derived from decades of practical skill development thru hands-on experience across all phases the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).



Mr. Meissner experience and skill as a Infrastructure Architect is holistic in that it is both top-down and bottom-up approach and is accountable for a specific area of interest(s) including, but not restricted to, Hardware, OS’s, Applications, Databases, Networks, Telecommunications, Structured Cabling, Telecommunication Spaces (Data Centers, Control Rooms), IT and Operational Infrastructure, and most notably and organizations collective knowledge; its people.


Michael W. Meissner works in a flexible and co-operative manner with colleagues in a high performing team taking “cabinet responsibility” for achieving goals of Enterprise Infrastructure domain.

Meissner method is to Interface with the company’s Strategy, Operations, Capital, Engineering, IT Executive team, IT Stakeholder managers, IT Programmes, key infrastructure providers, external stakeholders.

Mr. Meissner has developed and maintained policies, architectures, frameworks, road-maps and standards that deliver the strategic IT goals, business priorities and comply with technical and industry/regulatory standards for area of interest.

Michael Meissner ensures stability and viability of infrastructure and consistency of design across projects by providing design oversight and advice to ensure compliance of projects and programmes (and services) to technical/infrastructure architectural standards and road-maps.

Mr. Meissner escalates potential non-compliance issues.
Mr. Meissner develops innovative infrastructure architectures and road-maps that are fit for purpose and ensure cost effective delivery of IT strategy and business priorities.
Mr. Meissner assesses emerging industry trends and anticipate and develop potential strategic IT technology/infrastructure solutions to exploit for business benefit within governance processes.
Mr. Meissner has developed portfolio plans and ensuring investment cases support architectures and roadmaps. Identify areas of improvement of infrastructure and practices.
Meissner has lead and contributed to key IT Strategy processes and ensure that process such as end to end investment and portfolio planning and innovation exploitation are fully supported.
Mr. Meissner has supported the creation and delivery of structured plan for enterprise domain.
Mr. Meissner provides governance and leadership for the operation of systems ensuring that policy and decisions continue to be compliant with relevant legislation, regulatory compliance, best practice and company policy.

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