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Ethernautics, Inc. – BSS – OSS Solutions Architecture

MWM Logo  Mr. Michael W. Meissner is a Solutions Architect at Ethernautics, Inc., and Enterprise Architect – Technical Lead for Ciberciber-tm

Mr. Meissner 30 years of Telecommunications & Utility Industry experience. Meissner has breadth of experience across telecommunication processes and has depth of skill in several telecommunication application sets including broad experienced in developing Business Support and Billing Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS).

Meissner is the author of patented Addressability System:


Addressability Systems: US Patent #6070001

Meissner is and highly skilled Programme Director and Enterprise Solutions Architect/Traffic. His experience ranges across the SDLC from programme initiation and Requirements Engineering thru Infrastructure and Systems Architecture, and Solutions Architecture for a holistic enterprise approach to applied information mechanics.

Meissner was trained early in his career at IBM in Joint Application Design (JAD) and Knowledge Engineering (KE), CASE and Rational tools, skills that are still applicable utilizing today’s scrum techniques.

Meissner designs Infrastructure Architectures to support today’s telecommunications footprint. Meissner has designed and built multiple data centers and maintains a Registered Communication Distribution Designer certificate (RCDD). Meissner also designs and builds Outside Plant Systems (Terrestrial and Wireless).

Meissner’s BSS/OSS skills are attributed to decades of service for telecommunications industry giants:

  • AT&T
  • AT&T Wireless
  • AT&T Broadband
  • Comcast
  • TCI
  • Telcordia
  • NetCracker
  • Time Warner
  • Covad
  • GCI,
  • Verizon
  • MCI
  • US Army/US Army National Guard
  • US Cellular
  • GTE
  • BellSouth
  • Qualcomm
  • Continental Cable
  • OneComm
  • Research in Motion
  • USWest/Qwest
  • Sprint/Nextel
  • Qualcom
  • Primestart

Meissner is an Enterprise Architect and maintains expert knowledge of various information technology architectures. Meissner has expert architecture skills at the Enterprise level with exhaustive acumen in various systems architectures, solutions and applications architectures, Database Architectures, Infrastructure Architectures and Cyber Security Defense in Depth architectures.

Meissner has strong expertise in various aspects of the Telecommunication Map particularly. Service Provisioning, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Work Form Management Systems (WFM).

Throughout his career he has applied his architecture skills and experiences in developing application Excellent understanding of OSSBSS Architectures, Technologies and processes across the eTOM processes and has expert knowledge in several area of Telecommunication Application Map (TAM).

The following represents the enhanced Telecom Operation Map (eTOM):


eTOM after Magnus Alvestad and Wikipedia

The following represents the Telecom Application Map (TAM):


TAM after  Magnus Alvestad and Wikipedia

Meissner has:

  • Strong Order Processing and Order Fulfillment Skills.
  • Asset Management and Inventory Skills.
  • World Class Service Provisioning Expertise.
  • Infrastructure and Outside Plant Expertise.
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)
  • Work Force Management – Technician Dispatch and Service Order Routing and Scheduling

Strong experience of business analysis and business process definition (Read More)

Strong Professional Services background and outstanding end to end experience in System Integration of OSSBSS and more generally IT systems

Strong experience in

Strong experience in Standard IT Architectures and Frameworks: Telecommunications Process Frameworks (TMF eTOM) and IT Process Frameworks (ITIL, TOGAF). Merging ITIL and eTOM with SOA.

Industrial experience with IT and Telecommunication standards and regulatory requirements.

Experience  with the following Business Support Systems or Billing Systems (BSS):

Experience with the following Operational Support Systems (OSS)

IBM SCCD, BPM, Lotus Websphere, COGNOS, Blueworks.


Identify, innovate and help drive the roadmap in liaison with the strategy, product and service departments.

Provide the principles and process around the BSS solution in terms of Change Management, Business Management, Data – Service Management.

Provide technical architecture consultancy and leadership to projects and customers as required and ensure the coherency of end-to-end designs.

Identify BSS solution opportunities for the implementation of technical improvements that add value to the business through achievement of ‘better, faster, cheaper’ processes, based on current and future requirements.

To anticipate internal and external business challenges and to be proactive with recommending new technical requirements or improvements to existing projects.

To keep up to date with future product vision and translate desired capabilities/modifications to the technology stack, and to help lead strategy and innovation.

Liaise with IT systems team as part of platform and capacity planning requirements.

Managed several SOA driven OSS and SAP implementation projects at multiple international telecommunications clients.

Designed and Build ICT Infrastructures in support of large scale teleprocessing. Designed and Built Inside and outside plant. Rolled out MPLS, DSL, and WiMAX Solutions.

Managed several “matrixed”, multicultural, multi-functional teams of developers, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence, Network Architects, Cyber Security Engineers, CM, and Testers in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of solutions across TAM.

SAP and OSS/NMS/EMS solutions and integrating into Call Centre/NOC operations, delivered solutions in automated workflow (BI), inventory management, Traffic Engineering, provisioning, data integrity and service controls.

Crafted Statements of Work (SOW), Project Plans, Resource Plans, Test Plans, and Change Requests Managed client relationship in the Professional Services aspects of Solution Delivery.

Chaired Executive Governance and Oversight meetings. Guided “Best Practices” thru documenting several processes. Managed contracts, resources, timelines, budgets, invoicing and receivables.

Solutions Architect for integration of OSS to: ERP, Order Management, BSS and Network Elements (NMS.

Migration/Conversion (ETL) of data from MetaSolv, Cramer, and Granite OSS’s. Enhancing OSS Solutions to auto-design, and provision next generation networks (MPLS, WiMAX, and 4G). Network Inventory, Provisioning, Outside Plant, Head-Ends etc.


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