IT Solutions Architects and Cyber Security Engineering

Ethernautics, Inc. – Client Project with Areva, NP at South Texas Project (STP)


Michael W. Meissner at Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through Areva NP for South Texas Project (STP), Bay City, Texas.

South Texas Project (STP) is a Nuclear Power Station near Bay City, Texas. Areva NP is a Nuclear Engineering Services company.

STP Geography


rainbow stp

Mr. Meissner was a Systems Architect and Program Manager on of the Cyber Security Engineering Team.

STP Cyber Security Engineering Team


Providing programmatic and technical Cyber Security Engineering expertise implementing 10CFR73.54 at Critical Infrastructure (Nuclear Power Stations). Systems Architect and Systems Engineering providing security by design and build of network and application security using Defense in Depth Architecture strategy and for plant control and reporting systems (PCS, ICS, SCADA) at Nuclear Power Plants.


Cyber Security Engineer to Assess Critical Digital Systems and Critical Digital Assets (CDA) in accordance with NEI 08-09 and  NEI 10-04, conduct vulnerability analysis, and establish cyber security controls. Design and retrofit IT and Plant Control Infrastructure thru Plant design engineering modification processes to support regulatory and licensing compliance.

Project governance in establishment and management of station Cyber Security Assessment Team (CSAT). Governing and project management of implementation of policy and procedure in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Cyber Security Engineering – Critical Digital Asset Assessments, Vulnerability Threat Mitigation, Design and Deploy IT and Plant Control Infrastructure (ICS) thru the modification process to support Cyber Security in an Industrial Environments.

    • For the following systems:
      • Voice (CUCM)
      • Data – Clanssified and Unclassified
      • Network Infrastructure
      • Public Address
      • Mobile Telecom, Radio (DAS)
      • Electronic Safety and Security (ESS)
        • Fire
        • Electronic Security and Surveillance
        • Infrastructure Security
      • Plant Control System
        • Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
        • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
        • Supevisory Control and Data Aquitision Systems (SCADA)
      • Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Design overall Defense-In-Depth Architecture for plant systems (NIST Cyber Security Framework and ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance, COBIT, COSO).

Identification of attack vulnerabilities and design of defensive strategies and techniques for plant systems.

Vulnerability Assessments ((ISO/IEC 15408-1:2009), Penetration Testing, and Systems Monitoring

Cyber Forensics and cryptography for cyber incident response and analysis.

Field Engineering and Construction Management

Walk Down Validation and Verification(V&V) of in situ systems, document, as built cyber security controls and vulnerability identification. Validation and Verification (V&V) of cyber security controls post modification and inspection periodicity.

Project Lifecycle: May 2012 – June 2015

Copyright Ethernautics, Inc 2007-2015 - All rights reserved.

Copyright Ethernautics, Inc 2007-2015 – All rights reserved.

Michael W Meissner - Infrastructure Architect -RCDD - Solutions Architect

Michael W Meissner – Infrastructure Architect -RCDD – Solutions Architect


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